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Zombsroyale.io unblocked servers and other io games now on our web site for io game lovers! Today we also try to explain some details of the Agar.io game. Internet users can play Agar.io by registering via Facebook or as an anonymous “guest”, borrowing the name they want. This is how it happens to be swallowed by “Kanye West”, “Levi Hollande”, “Russia” or a cell with the name a little more flowery (we will leave the reader the pleasure of discovering it by itself ).

Zombsroyale.io Unblocked Servers for online game lovers

In Europe, it is the famous YouTubeur of video games Squeezie who popularized Agar.io by posting not less than 4 videos, “because I became an addict to this game,” he says. Since then, it is not uncommon to find clever little ones who use the pseudonym “Squeezie” when they register to start a game.

Zombsroyale.io Unblocked Servers for io game lovers

If the game is cruel and rests entirely on the obligation to beat one’s neighbor to advance, it is not as simplistic as it looks. As Agar.io becomes popular, players develop techniques to bypass the system and team up with two or three to devour everyone else. Indeed, by pressing the “W” key on his keyboard, it is possible to send a small part of his cell to another player, and thus make it bigger, and more powerful. By “feeding” each other, some users can dominate the game – and therefore ruin it for others.

Zombsroyale.io Unblocked Servers for Children – Online game web site
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