Warin.Space IO Unblocked Play Game for kids

This is how you play skate hooligans. You control your skateboard with the keys and can overcome a lot of obstacles like roadblocks, trucks and cars on your way through the various levels.

With the arrow keys to the sides you can change direction or lane. Use the arrow keys upwards to jump.

With the arrow key down you can slide under obstacles. Collect as many coins as you can on your way through the city and pay attention to the very valuable special coins.

Warin.Space io Unblocked Play Game for children

If you’ve earned enough, you can afford a cool new board, character, or useful power-ups in the shop. How about a handmade skateboard or a copy with flames or stripes?

Warin.Space io Unblocked Play Game for gamers

Tips and tricks – use the fast power-ups. Invest your money in more skills and better equipment: with pills you can strengthen your life force in the form of a heart.

With the magnet you can attract a lot of coins. Claw the police car and upgrade the time you can drive it. Increase your score multiplier by a factor of 2 or 5.

More free skill games full of hurdles and obstacles. If you love skate hooligans, play Crypt Parkour, Bunny Run and Grandma on the Run – Christmas Village. And now to the fast rolls! Play skate hooligans online for free on our website!

Warin.Space IO Unblocked Play Game for kids
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