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Bloons Tower Defense 5 – block the balloon attack! Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a thrilling tower defense game from the popular Bloons game series. Your goal is again to defend your positions with your funny monkeys and make the attacking balloons burst. Just like in the other BTD games, place your monkeys and other defensive weapons on the track so they can target the approaching Bloons. Hacks and Tactics and other games

Shoot darts and tackle turrets and master many action-packed levels. You can choose the level of difficulty yourself: baby monkey or old warhorse – everyone can shoot the balloons in Bloons TD 5!

From Super Monkeys to Bouncer Bear – choose your defense

Choose your field – there are many exciting tracks available in Bloon’s Tower Defense 5. Ever wanted to defend towers at the North Pole, make Bloons burst in a maze or play on a pumpkin field? Everything is possible here! Hacks and Tactics and online games

In Bloons TD 5, you have a large selection of defenders or defensive weapons against the Bloons. Use against monkey money of the following fighters:

the angry squirrel
the meerkat spy
the doorman bear
the super monkey attack
Invest your money in too

the Bloonsday-Apperat, which can cause great damage – a masterpiece of the Bloon technique!

the lake to take away, on which you can build your boat on land.
a pontoon so you can build your land tower on the water. Hacks and Tactics and more
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