Hacks and Tactics for children game review with you. You may see some problems while playing games. Problem is that only classic games on carrier media have to be checked by the USK, whereas online games are not. Here it is up to the provider to make inappropriate content inaccessible to children. Some platforms, such as the Google Play Store, have ages based on USK criteria. However, they are only checked if there are complaints from users. Hacks and Tactics for kids

Select and secure devices exactly. Games can be played on the computer, on consoles and mobile devices. It is important that parents know exactly about these devices before purchasing and test them before, for example, at the dealer or by borrowing from friends. So you can see how they affect family life. In addition, it is advantageous if the parents already before the purchase of equipment and games on their attitude and meaningful rules of use can and agree at best. It is important to enable parental controls so that children do not easily come across unsuitable content. Hacks and Tactics for gamers

The attraction of most games is that the level of difficulty increases steadily and the player is rewarded and lured with bonus gifts, additional levels and other gratuities. In short, games tie players – and let them easily forget the time. Children who have little affirmation, misunderstandings or marginalization are vulnerable to getting lost and losing themselves in the virtual world. These often suffer from school, hobbies or social contacts. Parents can help prevent this by offering attractive alternatives that limit play time, but also boost their child’s self-esteem and other interests. Hacks and Tactics for children
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