Slay.One IO Unblocked Play Game for kids

Of course, you can earn lots of points and get two coins per finished row. The more blocks you can accommodate so well. the better. Your goal should always be to make room for new combinations and really raise 2020 blocks to 2020 points. Successfully play through three exciting game modes: Classic, Bomb and Heavy.

Slay.One io Unblocked Play Game for gamers

Can you accommodate all the blocks? That’s how you play 2020 blocks. Fill the playing field with the colorful blocks. Your goal is to form horizontal or vertical rows as quickly as possible, which then dissolve and create space for new pieces.

Each tile you can place on the field earns you points. Each deleted row lets you earn coins that you can invest in useful boosters. If you complete missions successfully, you will also receive reward boosters. For example, you can get the extra boosters by playing very fast, clearing a particular color in high numbers, or using special blocks. Are you a real quick finger? Then hit the daily challenge to get even more coins or boosters.

Slay.One io Unblocked Play Game for children

Tips and tricks – use the boosters. If you do not have any moves left or you want to play new ways, you can use some boosters in 2020 blocks:

Get other shapes.

Delete an area.

Delete a color.

Delete a field.

Slay.One IO Unblocked Play Game for kids
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