Hacks and Tactics article Hacks and Tactics and others now on our web site. Sonic’s Adventure – run as fast as you can!

Sonic’s Adventure is a cool jump and run game in which you can run and jump through forests and other landscapes with the fast hedgehog or one of his friends. Decide at the start of this popular classic game whether you want to face the main race or the running time. Hacks and Tactics for gamers

Then choose your character. Hedgehog Sonic or Anteater Tails? Fox Knuckles or Rabbit Cream? Then it says already: on in the forest! Walk and jump across meadows and streams, slide under tree trunks and roll like wind through tunnels in the ground to get an epic score and an impressive time bonus. Hacks and Tactics for kids

Play in the icy expanses of the snowy mountains and defeat all your enemies in the battle for the golden rings!

This is how you play Ultimate Flash Sonic

Walk and jump in Sonic’s adventure with the keys.

Use the arrow keys to control Sonic.

With the space bar you can jump and become a vortex.

If you hold down the space bar, you can duck.

Guide one of the characters through the exciting levels, collecting all the gold rings. The time is running! Hacks and Tactics article
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