Raft.io Unblocked Servers for Kids-Review article

Raft.io unblocked servers for kids now on our web site. On our web site you can play all io games and flash games. And also, today we wanted to talk about the Cursors.io game review, here we go.

Cursors.io game review

It is illustrated by this example: two suspects are arrested by the police. They can not communicate with each other. The police force offers them this deal:

“If you denounce your accomplice and he does not denounce you, you will be released and the other will receive 10 years in prison. If you denounce him and you too, you will both be sentenced to 5 years in prison. If no one denounces you, you will both have 6 months in prison.”

Raft.io Unblocked Servers for Children to Play Online

Each prisoner prefers to denounce the other not to risk taking 10 years in prison, but suddenly both take 5 years (instead of 6 months if both had been silent). In Cursors.io, players can coordinate by writing messages with the mouse (click + Shift), but apart from a few smileys, scribbles and two-three improperly drawn penises, few people use them to advance more fast in the game. Everyone prefers to play “for themselves” and therefore depends on the arrival of new players to be unlocked.

Raft.io unblocked servers and more only on our global game web site!

Raft.io Unblocked Servers for Kids-Review article
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