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In this first person shooter game you can modify your character and other components. How long can you last while fighting other players from all over the world? Grab a gun and start shooting!

With Krunker io game you have to kill all of them by entering armed conflicts against your online opponents and you will show that you are the best by surviving. After you write your name, you can start the game by clicking on it with your mouse. You can control with WASD keys and shoot with farenicide. Press R to change the magazines and press space to jump.

Play Game Online For Free is a counter strike-like combat game. Your goal is to target all enemies and kill them for the specified duration of play to reach the highest score and be the first in the game. When starting this game you must first choose one of the different warrior classes. These warrior classes have different types of rifles and pistols. Warrior classes; Triggerman, Hunter, Run N Gun, Spray N Pray, Vince and Detective. Just as there is a game type that you fight as a single person in the game, there is a game type in which you fight as a team. The servers have been opened for players in every region of the world so that the players in the different regions of the world can play the game smoothly.

How to play Game?

Once players choose their own servers, they have the freedom to make their own maps. They can use the player Settings page for screen display quality and more.

Movement: WE S D

Weapon Filling: R

Weapon: Left mouse button

Targeting: Right mouse button

Jumping: Spacebar

Squat: Shift

Spray: F

Play Online Game
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