Gunwars IO Unblocked Play Game For Kids

Just mix the right ingredients in a large bowl and try different colors and glitter to get exactly the slime you want to play. With the wonderfully sticky stuff you can do a lot of nonsense – if you have mixed it together properly, it always goes off and can be kneaded together again, without leaving the leftovers. Store the slime in a plastic tin and over time, make an ever-increasing collection, from which you can even make different slime smoothies.

Gunwars io Unblocked Play Game For Children

Use the Slime Mixer – making slime yourself is easy! This is how you play My Slime Mixer. First, you can create the base of the colorful slime and then make the Fluffy Slime in many beautiful colors. When the mucus leaves the fingers again, it is ready. Use the following ingredients and stir well.

Gunwars io Unblocked Play Game For Gamers

craft glue


liquid detergent

Food coloring

Tips and tricks – use great glitter!

After mixing the Fluffy Slime, you can personalize it and play with it, knead it, box it or leave a footprint.

Mix different colors and patterns together.

Add colorful glitter.

You can also add hearts, stars or skulls.

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If you liked Fluffy Slime, why not play Draw Pixel Art, Minions Paint and Dream Painter? And now get to the slime! Mix it up and play Fluffy Slime online for free on our web site!

Gunwars IO Unblocked Play Game For Kids
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