Unblocked for Unlimited Fun review article

Welcome back. Love Charm 2 – win the boys for you! Love Charm 2 is a fun girl’s game in which you can twist the heads of your boys through your charming looks and set up a new high score.

As a student, walk through the corridors of a Japanese school and gather as many admirers as possible to become the most popular girl in the entire high school. Lots of cute boys are just waiting to be charmed by your beautiful eyes. Unblocked for Unlimited Fun for kids

Always be aware of the time limit: within a minute you need to win as many hearts as possible for you and earn a lot of points for your score. A normal boy will earn you 1000 points at the end. If you succeed in doing so, your worshipers will eventually accompany you everywhere or even carry you through the school in a magnificent litter. Unblocked for Unlimited Fun and more

This is how you play Love Laser 2. You play this popular lovemaking game with the mouse. Run by dragging the mouse in the direction you want to move quickly. If you see a boy, you can start flirting.

Set your irresistible gaze on the boys by clicking on them and keeping the mouse button pressed. When the heart is full, you have won the object of desire for you and he will follow you willlessly. Unblocked for Unlimited Fun review article
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