Evowars IO Unblocked Play Game for children

Equipped with his lucky hat, your monkey can then venture into the gruesome castle and save the Mini-Monkeys. Collect all 10 monkey children, so it’s called: Monkey Go Happy! This is how you play Monkey Go Happy Escape. Follow the yellow arrows and explore all corners of the old ghost castle. Click on any items you can find. Collect them and stow them by clicking in your backpack.

Evowars İo Unblocked Play Game for kids

If you want to use the items, click on your backpack and then on your tool. Objects such as the black candles, which are available in large numbers, are used to pay for another character in the game to clear the way. As you search for monkey children, you’ll find many weird creatures like demons, spooky harlequins, and the black hoodie. Are you ready for a monkey puzzle full of scary characters and mystical symbols? Then tighten your grip and grab your torch to get into the dungeon!

Evowars İo Unblocked Play Game for gamers

Tips and tricks for a successful search. In order to find the right path and all mini-monkeys in Monkey Go Happy Escape, you need a little combination gift and can use the following hints. Watch out for the number puzzles. Of course you can also open locks with the codes.

Evowars IO Unblocked Play Game for children
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