Brutalmania IO Unblocked Play Game for kids

Get a weapon for an alien, negotiate in front of the pyramids with a mysterious man with a cylinder, and soothe a sword-wielding samurai. If you can help a donkey to his hay and the bellboy to his bags, you are already very close to the puzzle solution.

Brutalmania Io Unblocked Play Game for children

Crack the correct codes and understand the symbols to play through all levels. Collect helpful items and the mini monkeys again and stow them safely in your backpack. Face this new challenge and play Monkey Puzzle Level 71-80 online for free on our web site!

Brutalmania Io Unblocked Play Game for gamers

Monkey puzzle in the castle – save the monkey children! Monkey puzzle in the castle is a cool puzzle game in which you can explore scary dungeons this time around. Solve a lot of tricky puzzles and find your way to the goal. Diemal has turned your monkey into a real ghost castle. Of course, it knows no fear and dashes daringly into the next adventure. Can you help with advice and action?

At the beginning of course you have to choose your monkey and a matching headgear as usual. Baby Monkey or Granny Monkey? Crown or clown cap? Choose your headgear wisely and then go! Take all your courage and start your mission.

Brutalmania IO Unblocked Play Game for kids
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